Title: 8/9/2016 9:25:31 AM
Fatima Prayers Organization August 8, 2016 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:My Name is Rosa Torres, founder of the Fatima Prayers Organization. We are a Non-profit Charity Organization registered under the law 501(C)(3) with EIN

Title: 2021/2/25 8:03:37

Title: 2020/3/9 5:50:31

Title: 2020/3/9 5:35:18

Title: 2020/11/6 15:40:58
free order of crab Rangoon please

Title: 2018/3/1 15:56:12
theyre website never works for me, ever. says Address is invalid. no matter what i do. i know my damn address. but i do love thier food

Title: 2018/2/16 20:42:39
Guess this place likes to take people’s money. Ordered over 2 hours ago and they close in 20 minutes. Ridiculous. Never got my food! They never answered a phone call either I called over 15 times one answer but hung up immediately

Title: 2018/1/31 12:51:29
3rd time ordering and they are awesome! Love their food and b they're fast and polite.

Title: 2017/11/21 18:29:26

Title: 2016-09-07T18:46:08.621-07:00
Waited an hour and 30 minutes for 2 sesame seed chicken dinners and wantons. Chicken is barely warm

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